Description: this California Pacific International Exposition half dollar was minted by the U.S. Mint and sold exclusively by the California Pacific International Exposition Co. The commemorative half dollars from 1935 and 1936 contained 90% silver. 1936 coin shown was made in the Denver mint.

Creator: Sculptor Robert Aitken's design on the right side shows the 1915 California State Building; the obverse shows elements of the California State Seal with a seated Minerva. On the shield is an aegis, with the head of Medusa affixed; between goddess and shield is a cornucopia overflowing with produce, symbolic of California's vast resources. A grizzly bear is to the left of Minerva. Behind them, in the distance, is a sailing ship and gold miner, with the hills of the Sierra Madre as background.

Creation Date: 1935



Object ID: souvenir_1935_coin_1935s

Copyright: non-profit educational fair use exemption

Format: 90% silver commemorative half dollar

Size: 1.205 inches (30.61 mm) in diameter and .085 inches (2.15 mm) in thickness

Credit: California Pacific International Exposition Digital Archive

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