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Arco del Porvenir (Arch of the Future)
Botanical Building
Cafe of the World
California State Building
Christian Science Monitor Building
Electricity & Varied Industries Building
Federal Building
Ford Building interior views and exhibits
Ford Building exterior views
Ford Building courtyard
Ford Bowl
Gold Gulch
House of Charm
House of Hospitality
House of Pacific Relations
Indian Village / “End of the Trail”
Motion Picture Hall of Fame
Old Globe Theatre
Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Natural History
Palace of Photography
Palace of Science
Palace of Water and Transportation
Palm Canyon
Plaza de America (Pan American Plaza)
Plaza de Mexico
Plaza del Pacifico
Shell Oil Information Bureau
Spanish Village
Spreckels Organ & Pavilion
Standard Oil “Tower to the Sun”
El Zocalo (Midway)
Zoro Gardens


Alpha the Robot
Automobiles   Trucks
Aerial Views
“Believe-It-Or-Not” Exhibit
Ford’s V-8 Fountain   Firestone Singing Fountain  
Other Fountains
Ford’s Roads of the Pacific
Night Views

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1935 Exposition Paint Colors